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 about KOTONOHA 


KOTONOHA is an online private class of Japanese.

The lessons are designed to provide a complete answer to your educational, professional and diversified needs.

You are able to organise a perfect class at any date and time of your choice.

Japanese is a high-context language.

At KOTONOHA you will learn the finer nuances of the language and develop your ability to use it.

KOTONOHA (言の葉) is the root of Kotoba (言葉) .

Kotoba means that "Word" in Japanese.

There is a verse that says  in the "Kokin-Wakashu" compiled in the tenth century.


 "waka (Classic Japanese Poems) are a myriad of soulful leaves which sprout from the seeds of the human heart”.


We would be happy to help your KOTONOHA grow lush and green.

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