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Start learning real Japanese today, with your own personalised plan.

The best way and speed to learn a language varies from person to person.
Plan the best way for you with our linguistics experts!


Let's start learning

The most effective way to learn a language is to be exposed to and communicate with a real language.

Private lesson is the perfect environment for this.

In addition, it provides an opportunity to learn nuances and phrases that are not written in textbooks.

Once you know this point, learning Japanese becomes much easier.

The value of choosing Private tuition


 A wide range of courses


Languages open up new possibilities for all learners.

We offer a wide range of courses to meet different needs.

All courses can be organized to make them more attractive to you.

The most important feature of private lesson is that it can be adapted to your unique learning objectives.

Achieve your aims while having fun


Linguistics experts with extensive teaching experience in Japan and the UK are available to help you achieve your goals.


Teachers Personnel
・Certified native Japanese language teacher
・M.A. (Japanese Language Education)

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